Gaza Orphan Project

UpLift Youth group has decided to sponsor an orphan from Gaza through the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund! We are happy to present to you Adham Baraka Ibrahim. He is 10 years old, in 5th grade, and is said to be a good student.

His father was killed as a result of an Israeli aircraft shelling in 2014, an attack that also destroyed Adham’s home. He has complained of psychic trauma since then.

Adham has 7 siblings and his family has no source of income. Adham has nothing to pay for his food, clothing, shelter, medicine, and school except for that which we give him. He is in dire need of our help. We have been given a powerful position to shed some light on the life of someone who has seen so much darkness.

Thank you to all those who have donated thus far! We encourage you all to join us in this project and help make a difference in Adham’s life.

Interested in becoming a co-sponsor for $10 a month for the year? Sign up here! Donations are collected on the first of every month here.